BioMed Search

BioMed Search has been created by Alex Ksikes.
The goal of BioMed search is to organize figures, images or schema found in biomedical articles.
Over 1 Million images have been indexed and more is on its way.
BioMed Seach indexes image captions along with the citations to these images.
Alex Ksikes is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Cambridge.
In his free time, he enjoys reading math books, practicing golf and travelling.

Thanks to Trec Genomics 2006 for having provided a first large dataset of biomedical articles. BioMed Search has been made possible by the use of wonderfull technologies such as Python, and PyLucene.

Please note that all the images are copyrighted by their respective author. You may have to ask permission in order to use them in your research. Some other images from Biomed Central are open access.

If you'd like to improve BioMed Search, don't hesitate to send feedback.

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