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Search for images from biomedical articles.
Currently over 1 Million images have been indexed.
BioMed Seach indexes image captions along with the citations to these images.

Some example queries:

pathway networks  :  General search for "pathway" and "networks"
4 letter words  :  Limit search to a defined number of characters.
"dna microarray"  :  Search for the phrase "dna microarray"
word tips  :  Search only for related terms
pmid:15972794  :  Get images from the article with pmid "15972794"
author:durbin  :  Find images authored by "Durbin"
scrabble word finder  :  Search article titles for related terms."
date:2005  :  Limit results to content from a specific year
journal:"Molecular biology and evolution"  :  Limit search to a specific journal